NEXT Ecosystem — what’s new? — here comes the magic !!

As I’m sure you know, a lot has happened over the last few months. We can’t wait to share the latest developments in the NEXT ecosystem! Hold on to your seats… 🚀

NEXT total decentralization — full transition to a community-controlled organization.

The future is decentralization: we strongly believe that moving the organization into a position of community-control aligns our ethos with that of the community and industry at large. Holders of NEXT will vote on future decisions and directions. The community will appoint a number of members who will in turn direct discussions and decisions on behalf of the community, whilst putting major decisions out for community vote. The founder will also be a member of this board to ensure that the project continues to benefit from his knowledge and vision. We understand this is a major change, but we believe that this is the best way to let our investors steer the NEXT ecosystem in both the direction it needs to go and in the way that aligns with our loyal community. This will also enhance the project’s reputation and help solidify its legitimacy as a major contender in the decentralized crypto-sphere.

NEXT Smart Chain

In 2019 we deployed NEXT.chain which was built on Bitcoin core, where we layered on our DAG technology making it faster and cheaper. We have all seen recently that decentralized applications and smart contracts are evolving fast but with incredible high gas fees! A simple token transfer can cost $100 — a huge barrier to adoption whichever way you look at it.

After our extremely positive experience with the technology in NEXT.chain, and after looking at the strengths and weaknesses of other smart chains, we decided that deploying a new blockchain based on Ethereum allows us to take its strengths and add to them, whilst leaving all its weaknesses behind. This would allow us to massively improve on what is out there, whilst providing a great platform with familiar interfaces but with additional unique functionality, thus making it more attractive to new would-be Ethereum or BSC based projects. Being controlled by an EU-based community driven organization already established in the market would bring it legitimacy, whilst making it super easy to migrate from other smart chains and super easy to swap any ERC20 or BEP20 currencies in either direction would make it extremely open to adoption and migration from several huge global markets.

With that in mind, we started to build NEXT Smart Chain, which is a derivate of go-ethereum, and on top of which we again layered our DAG technology. The NEXT smart chain was successfully launched just 2 months ago after intensive testing by many highly-experienced testers.

We connected NEXT Smart Chain with Metamask and performed blazingly fast transfers which cost less than a penny. Last week we began testing our own uniswap clone on This demonstrated the beginning of the chain’s capability promised to our community. The bridge, tokens creation and migration, smart-contracts, dapps, and Validators are being completed, tested, and rolled out sequentially on a cheaper, faster, and EVM-compatible blockchain.

See the video of instant transaction on NEXT Smart Chain.

💡 If you would like to become an early validator you will need to accumulate 25000 NEXT tokens or coins on Uniswap (ERC20), Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) or P2PB2B ready to swap them onto the NSC, follow the simple setup guide, and start earning rewards.

What will happen to the old blockchain (NEXT.chain)?

This question has come up a few times. It raises other questions: Are we able to update this chain with the 8 developers we have?, or should we completely focus on a blockchain where we can serve a lot more of the market? With the recent Bitcoin upgrade (taproot), it would be possible to upgrade next.chain to make it available for smart contracts, but this development will take up to 6 months and require intensive testing, something we simply cannot afford at the moment..

Swapping to NEXT Smart Chain

For now, we will leave the next.chain how it is and offer all masternode holders the chance to convert their node into a validator on NEXT Smart Chain. We will stop supporting the old next.chain as of January 1st, 2022. On this date we will snapshot the chain and newly mined coins will not be allowed to swap. Also if/once all masternodes are decommissioned in favour of NSC validators the old chain will cease to operate (although we will keep a few masternodes operating for those late to the swap). We advise migrating before the year end once we open the bridge in the upcoming weeks.

💡 All holders of NEXT coins and tokens can swap on a 1:1 basis to NEXT Smart Chain, where everybody will come together. We will release the bridge under and announce this on, so keep a look out.

NEXTSHIB — meme and mascot

The market is crazy for NFT’s and MEME tokens and they are the epicentre of current hype!

To ensure NEXT Smart Chain maximises on this hype, we are launching our own MEME token and NFTs!

This will boost our ecosystem and attract new traders on to the platform to see the potential we have on offer. We can use this exposure to showcase our great platform and ability to easily launch low fee tokens and complex dApps, with all the strengths of Ethereum. In combination with our bridge, we are sure this will bring enough new opportunities for the ecosystem to really take off, and for all NEXT holders to benefit. Let’s introduce NEXTSHIB first:

The max supply is 100B but with total supply of 75B (total marketcap of only $350k), as 25B (25%) will be locked-up forever (yes — permanently locked liquidity) and together with the deflationary effect of the 5% burn of every transaction, and solid indicators (verifiable team, no minting possible, renounce ownership), and tradable on 3 different smart chains, we expect this to be one of the most attractive meme coins out there.

More information can be found on

NFT’s with a SPACE theme — The Nextronaughts !!

Next to the MEME token, we will release 200 unique NFTs into the market. The NFT’s we will be available on the Ethereum blockchain only — this is so we can list and trade them on OpenSea. This will benefit our investors by allowing the trading of these unique cards, whilst raising the profile of Next, NextShib, Next Smart Chain, and the whole NEXT ecosystem.

That’s all for now. We want to thank the whole community for helping us get to this fabulous position. To be rolling out this kind of tech in this market at this moment in time is a fantastic place to be — the future is bright, and it has an X in the middle…

If you want to tune in to NEXT on a daily basis and get all the latest info and insights: Follow us on Twitter, Telegram or Discord.




NEXT Smart Chain is the third-generation blockchain able to process up to 300k+ transactions per second.

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Next Smart Chain

Next Smart Chain

NEXT Smart Chain is the third-generation blockchain able to process up to 300k+ transactions per second.

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